On Mount Olympus

It will, no doubt, amaze many readers to learn that the members of Walsham Le Willows Cricket Club are avid followers of Greek Mythology.  In fact, many of our matches follow the lines of a tragedy – the prologue (panicked team selection); parados (the slow protracted arrival of the players right up to and beyond the start time); the episodes (variously failing and succeeding at cricket); the stasima (let’s call it tea) and the final exodus (a glorious win in the setting sunshine).

This season, we have unearthed our own Adonis – a man chiselled from marble, of such striking effect that we stand in awe.  Alex Harrison arrived; wore some sunglasses that would be fitting on a beach in the Dodecanese; picked up a bat for the first time – and then smashed a hundred against Chippenham.  He then left to get married to his Aphrodite (Hilary) the following weekend.  He is a man that can pack a lot into a few weeks.

Liam Bryant is our lesser-known hero, Bellerophon – the greatest slayer of monsters.  In the autumn of our season, Liam drew deep on those reserves and did smite Frinton on Sea with the ball, slaying 8 of them for 42 runs.  And if Liam is a slayer, then Mark Rothon is our Heracles; toiling through the labours of each game; using his wits and cunning to accumulate an amazing 53 wickets this season.

The 1st XI concluded their act with a very commendable 4th in Division 3.  More importantly, the 2nd XI in their first season, finished 5th – and firmly proved themselves capable of playing some excellent cricket in a competitive division.

On a glorious Sunday in early September, the Sunday XI fulfilled their prophecy with an emphatic team performance against Newmarket – securing the win, promotion and Division title.  Adam Howe swivelled that paddle sweep once more and Oli Jackson swotted a final six to win the match.

This season 58 adult players have fulfilled 44 fixtures. In the Juniors, 42 All Stars and 23 Dynamos got started on their cricketing journey.  The U11s won their League as did the U15s. But the most important news to end the season was that little Elodie Waugh came home from hospital – and we were all reminded that she is the true hero and the rest is just a game.


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