It’s generally been too bleak to stand around in the cold wind playing pétanque, but now we’re really looking forward to starting up again for the new season. We checked out the terrain last week and were delighted to see that not only was it in excellent condition – no puddles, no weeds, but also, (no doubt thanks to you and your team Mike), it was even clear of leaves.

So, we’ll get going again probably in mid to late March for our weekly Thursday afternoon sessions. We currently have a small regular core of players, but we would very much welcome a few more. For some time we’ve been debating what would be the best days for playing, and we realise that it’s very difficult to settle on any one particular weekly day/time that’s convenient for everyone. So, once we get going again, we’ll see if we can fix up an additional weekly slot – maybe early evenings or at weekends. We need to hear from all you, particularly any new players. to see what would be best. Two weekly sessions would then give everyone a choice.

I still intend to arrange some friendly games with other local village teams, but we need first to get swiftly back into our seasonal regime and get a bit of practice in!

Meanwhile, we would be very pleased to hear from anyone new who would be interested in coming along. Our weekly sessions are very informal, and no previous experince in pétanque is necessary – we’ll all there just to have a relaxed time. We have our own Club supply of boules and you’d be made very welcome.  Why not drop me an email, and I’ll add you to my mailing for when we start up in March. It would also greatly help if you would like to indicate your preferred days/times availability.

Graham Portlock