The Emergence of Youth

For the wise and the elderly sat on the high bench in front of the old, ramshackle pavilion, caked in the patina of the years, nothing is more delightful to the eye than to see the energy of youth playing out before them on the square.  We are lucky, therefore, that the next generation of cricketers is springing forth with such enthusiasm and love of the game, and in doing so, offering us a few more years of vicarious enjoyment of cricket.

The Club set out, this season, to make Sunday cricket a way to transition from youth cricket into the adult game – and in the main – it has succeeded in that aim.  Under the careful guidance of Luke Ridding, Andrew Ross, Neil Baker and Kev Harrington, Walsham’s ‘five to watch’ have in turn, had their game-defining moments.

Tom Ridding batted with growing confidence away to Mildenhall, and his 42 runs, coupled with 2 wickets, made him a clear player of the match.  George Macrae is firmly established as one half of the opening attack and has developed the very helpful attribute of being able to gain that prize wicket of settled batsmen to open up an end.  Sylvie Melvin is both an excellent fielder and metronomic bowler, with the ability to swing the ball into the right-hander. Theo Cass, with his leg-spin, has found his rhythm and line in adult cricket – often tempting the batsmen to advance only to turn the ball past the outside edge for the classic stumping.  Jono Boucher, bowls with energy and verve – troubling batsmen with the extra bit of pace off a skiddy length.  This crop of players is growing into a very formidable future for the Club.

At the younger age groups, the Under 11 and Under 9 teams have been almost invincible in their matches.  Henry Jackson, 5, made an excellent debut for the U9 vs Woolpit, with Albie Howe-Bryant continuing to impress with bat, ball and wicket-keeping.  In the Under 11s, Jack Campbell took a hat-trick against Nowton; with Arun Chandraraj taking bragging rights against his school friend in the same match, bowling him 1st ball.  Monty Bailey scored 32 not out at more than a run a ball – smashing sixes at will. Tobias Macrae is following in his brother’s footsteps with excellent tight bowling picking up regular wickets. But, it is the team spirit that impresses most – a group of youngsters, enjoying the game, playing the right way and working for each other at all times. Walsham Cricket is in good hands for those old folk to pass the baton to.


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