Ground Maintenance update

Its been a very busy few weeks for the Ground Maintenance team with the following jobs completed. Fertilising of the whole site, verti draining all the football pitches and cutting the grass many many times. The bins keep needing to be emptied and all the pitch rails and floodlight which encroaches on the cricket field have been removed. Outside contractors have been in to spray for the Chafer grubs that encourage the crows to dig up the grass and have re seeded the main pitch in four directions. Fortunately there has been no need for irrigation although all the water has encouraged rapid grass growth. All goalmouths have been re seeded and two pitches on the youth football side have been verti quaked. A big slicing machine goes across the pitches and this should improve drainage especially with the 80 tonnes of sports sand which is being delivered next week for spreading over all the pitches.


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