The Wrap Party

It’s a time-honoured ritual within the Cricket Club that transgressions of a minor nature throughout the season get logged away in Tim Gilbert’s little red book, only to re-emerge in the public court of opinion one autumnal evening.  Some may have made a rather regrettable assumption that half a sports hall represents a division on the longitudinal rather latitudinal; others may have tripped up over the simple task of adjudicating correctly on run-outs.  Mostly the time is spent listing Jimmy Gray’s weekly contrivances to fall foul of the cricketing gods.

Technology moves on a-pace, and so we were also treated to a truly global gathering as Tim, defying a sensible division of what is acceptable on a honeymoon, joined to doff his cap to peers from Mexico.

The true nature of the event, however, is to record in the history books the winners of the coveted prizes for the season. Walsham can, therefore, join in congratulating the roll of honour below:

U13’s Player of the YearMr. Jack Campbell
U13’s Batsman of the YearMr. Tobias MacRae
U13’s Bowler of the YearMr. Monty Bailey
U13’s Most Improved Player of the YearMs. Harriet French
U11’s Player of the YearMr. Kasper Howling
U11’s Batsman of the YearMr. Albie Bryant-Howe
U11’s Bowler of the YearMs. Elodie Brown
U11’s Most Improved player of the YearMr. Matthew Moynehan
1st Team Player of the YearMr. Steve Moulton
2nd Team Player of the YearMr. Luke Ridding
Sunday XI Player of the YearMr. Tom Ridding
Season 2023 Awards

Chairman Rick was also able to rightfully correct the missed recognition of Mr Peter Knight – our venerable seam-up stalwart of many years – for two 5-fers some 10 years back.  The same was achieved by Waugh, Bryant and Howe this season.

Mr Ashley Forbes clubbed his way to 34 sixes in the season and also scored hundreds with Messrs. Ross, Scarce, Smithers, Ridding and Jackson.  ChatGPT will have some work summarising this next season.


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