The Adventure of Baker’s Hip

There are some known and well-understood principles at Walsham Le Willows Cricket Club; a lot of them focus on the established etiquette of how to play the game fairly and in the right spirit; balancing the demands of a competitive game with ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves.  However, top of that honourable list, one that is passed from generation to generation in that sub-conscious manner of animalistic behaviour is this – never, despite how tempting it may be, call Baker through for a quick single.  As a corollary to this, if you have committed the sin, do not compound it with running a second on an otherthrow.  No words are spoken, they needn’t be, the transgression has been noted.

At the heart of the matter is a hip, Baker’s hip. It’s meteorological bellwether, a proving ground for purveyors of medical embrocation and, for those in the Sunday XI, a totem of hope for another season from its owner.  That is why it must be protected from exertion.

The mixed bag of the Sunday season has taken a positive turn in July, with a close, if controversial, run-chase at Newmarket falling just short.  A reversal against Brettenham Park later in the month, with Forbes avenging a heavy defeat, with a game-defining 105*, backed by incisive swing bowling from Tom ‘Ridders’ Ridding.  Suddenly, survival in Division 4 looks a feasible outcome for the season.

On Saturday, the 1st XI have put a run together, winning at home against Lakenheath, Nacton and Sudbury, before a washout away to Tuddenham. Bryant, Scarce and Smithers scoring runs; Waugh, Moulton and Rothon taking wickets.  The 2nd XI have mirrored the July successes with wins against local rivals Bardwell, and away to Mildenhall.  Luke Ridding boundary-laden 105 at Bardwell was the decisive contribution.  As July eases into August both sides have aspiration of top three finishes.

The Junior teams have been led by the standout success of the Under 13s – who going into their final match against Bardwell, remain undefeated.  Having secured the league title with games to spare, the finale promises to be a showcase of the future talent in the Club.

The Under 17s, freed from the intellectual challenges of exams have returned to action and the Under 11s have struggled with the weather affecting their games.

Perhaps, after all, Baker’s hip might be rested if the youth keep going…


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